About Us

Our Background

Satellite Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses exclusively on supporting children, young people, and families where a parent has a mental illness, and is dedicated to providing them with specialised programs and support. In recent years, Services for adults with mental illness have become more available, yet there is no ready support for the children in these families. A vast number of them therefore fall through the gaps, and many eventually grow up to experience the same mental-health issues and life disadvantages that their parents did.

It is within this context that Satellite aims to contribute to the work of many other organisations that strives to yield more positive outcomes for these children and young people.

Our History

Established in 2009, Satellite Foundation has evolved from over 20 years of work by many in Victoria who have been addressing the challenges facing many families where a parent or primary caregiver has a mental illness. Historically, children and families in these circumstances have been invisible not only within our community but also within the mental health and family services sectors.

Satellite Foundation is currently run almost entirely by volunteers.

Our Mission

To provide opportunities to enhance the health, wellbeing, and community connectedness of children, young people and their families where a parent has a mental illness.

Our Vision

Resilience and positive outcomes among the children, their parents, and their families through peer-support programs and a continuous network of support services.