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Our Young Leaders

The Satellite Foundation is a community-based organisation aiming to provide a voice and creative space for children and young people living in families where a parent has mental health challenges. At the centre of our small but growing heart are the stories and hopes of the young people we work with – they are our guides.

Our Young Leaders are the core drivers in the development of our work. Some of our graduates of our Young Leaders Program and SELFies Program have since undertaken leadership and group facilitation roles in relevant organisations such as Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), Emerging Minds, Carers Victoria, The Families where a Parent has a Mental Illness program (FaPMI), school-focused youth programs, and YMCA. They are our teachers, the change-makers of the future and the beating heart of our foundation.

Our Board

The vision and the support to ensure we will continue to build futures of both hope and possibility. Find out more about our board.

Our Ambassadors

The community, networks and passion to connect our work to many other excellent organisations. Get to know our ambassadors.

Our Staff

The knowledge, skill and determination to help create work that builds hope and changes lives. Get in touch with our staff.