Satellite Champs

Jodie, Our Very Own Champ

  The wonderful Jodie Hinton, one of our inspirational peer leaders and mentors, is featured in this Peninsula Health article. In the article, she talks about the challenges she overcame on her way to becoming a mentor with the Satellite Champs program, and how she now finds fulfilment in helping other

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When William started at Champs, he would not stay with the group unless his dad was with him all the time, nor would he talk or play with the other kids. On week six, his dad could not get him to the group on time, and asked for W to

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Takoda came from a traumatic background and started our Champs program in Frankston Mornington Peninsula needing much support. He bonded with his mentor early on, and the relationship fostered his emotional and mental development. This led him to tap into a wonderful hidden talent to produce a beautiful Dreamtime story.

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Rhynona had always felt anxious about joining extracurricular school activities and excursions, considerably limiting her school experiences. Currently in Year 6, she was anxious about Champs and stayed close to her mum. After a few weeks, however, she overcame her anxiety, started enjoying Champs a lot more, and has even

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