What We Do

Program Development and Partnership 

We deliver quality programs with clear and targeted outcomes that can be measured in an informative way.  This enables us to create an evidence base that we can leverage in maximising benefits for families.

Our collective experience in the field means that we have extensive knowledge of what works well, whom we can form partnerships with, and how we can work with them to enable the development and delivery of new programs, or add value to existing programs and initiatives.

Our Programs 

Our programs have been developed based on evidence-based practice and work over several years, both in Australia and internationally. In addition to providing an adapted version of the CHAMPS program (originally developed by Rose Cuff, our co-founder and Executive Director), we have developed our own unique programs which seek to provide a safe space for  young people and families to gain support and information.


Young Leader Training Program 

The Young Leader Training Program will offer unique opportunities for young people who have a parent with a mental illness to develop their leadership skills, under the mentorship of a peer and the Satellite Foundation. The role of program coordinator will be undertaken a peer leader who has already been trained, providing them with a unique opportunity to build on their skills and take on additional responsibility.  Other young people with lived experience and suitable skills will also be considered.

The 12-month program will engage with and train eight young people with shared lived experience who will be able to develop new skills, give each other peer support, connect with a larger cohort of young leaders, and apply their skills.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the Menzies Foundation in making this program possible.


E-mail us for more information on our Young Leader Training Program.


Space4Us is a peer-support program for 13-18 year-olds who live with — or have significant contact with — a parent and/or family member who has a mental illness. We at Satellite Foundation are working in partnership with Carers Victoria, Wellways (formerly MIFellowship) and Families Where Parents Have a Mental illness Program (FaPMI) to train facilitators and peer mentors to run Space4Us.

Space4Us builds on years of work and integrates youth participation, engagement, leadership, and a trauma-informed approach, reflecting current best practice.

Watch this space for more information on where Space4Us will be running this year.

E-mail us for more information on our Space4Us Program, or click here to visit our Space4Us website.


Satellite Champs — an eight-week after-school support program that brings together children and families who are living with a parent who has a mental illness. The program utilises concepts of education, information, friendships, and peer support as it covers a range of discussion topics relating to mental health. It also includes activities that address stigma relating to mental illness, as well as family and childhood trauma, and aims to promote resilience among both young people and adult participants. A parents’ group runs concurrently with the children’s group.

The first Satellite Champ program was held in Frankston on Term 2 of 2016. It is currently being run in Hastings and Rosebud.

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Satellite ‘Time Away’ Camps for Kids – offer a fun and positive ‘time-out’ for children, and a space for them to foster friendships with other children who may have similar experiences. Young peer leaders add their voice and support. Camps have featured strongly in the development of supportive programs and activities for children.

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Satellite’s Engaged Leaders of the Future (SELFies) Mentoring Program — aims to train and develop young people into potential leaders in mentorship, teamwork, conflict resolution, and empathy-based communication, and train them to become ‘buddies’ and role models to younger children.

E-mail us for more information on SELFies.

Music and Songwriting Workshop —  a four-day program where children and young people aged 8-16 explore their creativity in a supported environment. Led by musicians, our participants collaborate with one another and take pride in their original compositions, thus boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

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Do you know a child or young person who could benefit from one of our programs?

E-mail us for more information on our programs, or to refer a child or young person. We have limited places available, so don’t delay.