Connecting and Caring — Laura Pettenuzzo

ABC News conducted an in-depth and straightforward account of what it is like to care for a family member with a mental illness. (Photo: Danielle Bonica, ABC News)

This is a wonderful story featuring the very special Laura, our newly appointed Lived Experience Coordinator and graduate of our 2017 Young Leader Program. Laura is doing amazing work connecting with people on this issue of caring, mental health and families and reaching out to young people. THANK YOU to Laura and her family for the courage to speak up.

Photo: Kasmir Burgess, ABC News

Also thanks to Justin Heazelwood, author of ‘Get Up Mum’. Justin’s story has become such an important part of the present conversation around young people living with a parent/carer with mental health challenges. It is beautiful, it is funny, it is brave, it is important – a great book!

Read the full story on the ABC website here.