Listen to a Song from Our Music and Songwriting Workshop!

Legends is an original song written and composed by the participants of Satellite’s Music, Art and Songwriting Workshop October 2018. The workshop ran for three incredible days of creativity, sharing, playing, laughing, connecting and growing and we are so grateful to everyone who was involved. Writing an original song is an extraordinary feat. Writing an original song when you’re a KID is next level amazing. We are so proud to be sharing this beautiful, empowering and totally catchy tune with the world!

We are so grateful to everyone who was involved especially all of our participants and young leaders whose bravery, strength, openness, acceptance, energy and wisdom meant a deeply powerful and meaningful experience while also having TONNES OF FUN!

THANK YOU to the Commonwealth Bank for making it possible, to the Moreland City Council for the perfect space, to Polyglot Theatre Company’s VoiceLab for being so awesome.

THANK YOU to KiddyRock for connecting us with the most beautiful and talented Clare Younis, to Enable Social Enterprises for making learning and sharing easier, to Brad McEwan for your support and warmth, George Weis for your kindness, calming energy and rockin’ beats, our Young Leaders: Laura, Trent, Liv, Addy, Alyssa and Jason for your time, your help, your experience and your beautiful beautiful hearts.

THANK YOU to all the families, carers, siblings and friends of our participants for your trust and support, to Rose (who we all orbit around) and all of the Satellite team who are always working so hard to create and build a new exciting future of hope and possibility for young people living with a parent or carer with a mental illness.