10 x 10 Melbourne

On June 12th we were one of three organisations part of the most recent 10 x 10 Melbourne event. 10×10 is a movement worldwide that aims to empower the next generation of giving by building a community of likeminded young individuals who are inspired to come together to support innovative grassroots charities in a fun and engaging way.

On the rooftop of the lovely Osborne hotel we pitched to more the 100 people for support in providing more opportunities to young people and their families experiencing mental health challenges.

We focused on Satellite’s new Photography Workshops offering young people a chance to explore perspective and connection through a different lens.

We acknowledged that sometimes words are hard to find and that fostering connection through different platforms is increasingly important – connections with one another, with the siblings, parents and families of the young people we meet and with everyone in the Satellite orbit.

We shared that one workshop = new friends, shared experiences and ongoing opportunities to participate and connect in all of Satellite’s activities and beyond. )

It was such a wonderful evening and we are so grateful to the 10 x 10 volunteer team (special shout out to Kirsty) for finding us and inviting us to be part of it – not just to share Satellite’s visions but just to stand in a space where people are invested in dialogues about helping people and making changes.

Over $12,000 was raised on the night and over $3000 went to Satellite which now allows us to offer two more workshops this year for up to thirty participants! Incredible! Thank you to the crowd for their generosity and support – our hearts are full.

Watch this space for updates on these workshops soon.