The Looking Back Project

In 2019 we were honoured to have been part of an amazing project that followed the creative process of making short films developed by some incredible young people while reflecting and sharing experiences of trauma or parental mental illness.

These films tell a story about their early years – the challenges, the memories, their thoughts and feelings – all through the lens of their now-adult selves. Each film was written and created wholly by the young person, who worked with artistic mentors to realise their visions.

The films were shared in October at a screening hosted by Emerging Minds in Adelaide at the gorgeous Mercury Theatre. They are real and raw, honest, entertaining and moving. They help illuminate the complexities of time and family, as well as strength and resilience. We are so proud of Claire, Trent, Laura and April for sharing a part of themselves through such an important platform. Your time and commitment to the project as a whole was nothing short of inspiring and your films as all testaments to this.

Thank you first and foremost to Emerging Minds for supporting this project and trusting us to carry so much of it on our side in Melbourne. Thank you so much to Liz and Ian for your wisdom, kindness, patience and visions. Hannah for your involvement on so many levels and thank you to the those who didn’t finish a final film but joined the journey. Every chapter of the process is a brave one.

You can watch the films here:

The Looking Back project is part of the Emerging Minds: National Workforce Centre for Child Mental Health (NWC)’s commitment to giving voice to young people with lived experiences. It is produced by Artist Made Productions for the NWC, in partnership with the Satellite Foundation.