DYSWIS (Do You See What I See) Photography Workshops

In January this year Satellite ran three consecutive photography workshops in three very different places – Melbourne, Shepparton and Mildura. With their own unique community and environment, thirty young people with an age range of 8-16yrs showed up with an open mind and willingness to play with the power of photography, art-making, editing, collage, polaroids, story-telling and graffiti.

In its very essence, a workshop is about exploration. Across all three workshops we were so privileged to have had the opportunity to be part of such rich, real and beautiful time where we put self-expression at the centre of our journeys. While this album is a collection of some extraordinary images, adventures and AMAZING creativity it can’t completely convey the energy, playfulness and connections felt in all three places, and the power of honouring shared experiences.

We dream of bigger ways to talk and share more about these process spaces where we collaborate with young people over wisdoms, dreams and experiences and we plan to hold a glorious exhibition to celebrate the way young people see this world – in all its complexities – up close, from every angle, vibrant and sometimes through a hazy filter!

We would really like to thank Bronwyn and Michelle from FaPMI Eastern Health, Paige from FaPMI Shepparton and Tahna and Katie at FamilyCare in Shepparton, and Melissa from FaPMI in Mildura for your help, support, location scouting, and for gathering the wonderful groups we had.

Thank you to our Satellite peer-facilitators – the wonderful Jodie and the lovely Denna for not just being fabulous company, but for being such compassionate and engaged leaders -you truly were the magic glue for everyone there.

Thank you to all the incredible people at the 10 x 10 Philanthropy event last year. Your generosity made it possible for us to run these workshops and there will be more to come. Your support allowed us to get there, use great materials, eat delicious food, print awesome photos and offer the best experience we could.

THANK YOU to the communities of Eastern Melbourne, Shepparton and Mildura – the families and young people who continue to remind us how important and powerful human connection is. Your trust and participation is the only reason we get to marvel at such amazing work and learn, every day, ways to better offer support, opportunities and fun for young people across Victoria.