Satellite Suggests – Self Reflections

Made by young people in our Satellite community for young people and their families everywhere, Satellite Suggests videos offer DIY self-care ideas and activities that can be tried at home with easy-to-find materials.

Join us by trying out these activities! Take a photo and share with us via email or hashtag #satellitesuggests

A positive affirmation is something you say or think that can remind you of the abilities you have to shape your own life. Satellite’s Youth Ambassador, Jodie, challenges us to try it on a daily basis – to write and practice the things that make you feel good and see if any small changes happen!

We’d love to see some of the things you write on your mirror!

What to do:

  • Get a whiteboard marker
  • Think of some goals you have and write them on one side of a mirror oe window. Your goals might be short term (like this week!) or longer term – it’s up to you!
  • Now think of five positive things to say to yourself that bring you strength and joy. They might be things you are already really confident about or maybe things you want to try and practice. You can change them whenever you want!
  • Read these at least once a day. Say them out loud and try and say them directly to your reflection 🙂

NOTE: If you don’t have a whiteboard marker to write on a mirror/window try this activity on a piece of paper stuck up on your wall. Or on post-its so you can stick them in different places around the house!