Satellite Suggests – The Colour Hunt

Made by young people in our Satellite community for young people and their families everywhere, Satellite Suggests videos offer DIY self-care ideas and activities that can be tried at home with easy-to-find materials.

During this school holidays, join us by trying out these activities. Take a photo and share with us via email or hashtag #satellitesuggests

There are colours all around us. On every street there is a rainbow – all you need to do is go searching for it! Can you find different things on different days? We would love to see all the different types of rainbows that can be found. Join us by doing this Colour Hunt activity at home.

What to do:

  • Get an egg carton
  • Use paint, texta or crayon to colour each section
  • Head outside and look for natural things that match
  • Enjoy the rainbow around you!

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