It’s A Mad World

A photo of six participants in the It's a Mad World Project

IT’S A MAD WORLD is an online showcase of different perspectives on mental health, created by those with lived experience and the Satellite Foundation. Using different mediums, we share stories of the funny and the sad, the happy and the mad, when navigating the complex world of mental health. 

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Why do we need It’s A Mad World?

Conversations around mental illness are often serious. With the best of intentions, we try not make assumptions or ask imposing questions, yet we often end up uninformed but still curious. And it’s certainly no laughing matter. ‘It’s A Mad World’ aims to be an open, transformative space where lived experiences of mental illness meets exploration, and isolation meets collaboration. 

We want to show young people with parents or carers with mental illness that their voice matters no matter which way they want to express it.

What is It’s a Mad World?

This creative project began as a place for people with lived experiences to meet and share their own stories of living with or around mental health challenges. We aimed to create a space to talk and laugh freely without reactions of pity, of platitudes or people not knowing what to say. 

Initially a live performance project, ‘It’s A Mad World’s’ response to COVID-19 meant meeting in the Zoom room and evolving into this online exhibition. Through a collaborative process six incredible young people shed light on the how the quirks of ‘madness’ bring colour and depth to life.

I could never explain the way I thought of my mum. It’s a swirling mix of dislike, guilt and unending love. Through the Mad World project I connected with a group of people who inexplicably knew that feeling. We helped each other find the words and discovered a range of avenues to explore those feelings. And from that, how to extend that dialogue to those less familiar with such sentiment. It felt good to find the words, I don’t think I would have on my own.

Hannah – ‘It’s A Mad World’ participant

Now we are inviting more people into this conversation. As an audience member exploring this site, we welcome your thoughts, feelings and reflections to contribute to this ongoing conversation.

Strap in, listen up, get uncomfortable and get curious.

How can I join?

We have opened up access to our ‘Mad World’ for a limited time. Visit to start exploring!

What comes next?

After the online exhibition Satellite Foundation hosted an invite-only, in-person gathering in Melbourne on 26 November. Participants shared their experiences of being part of this project. In addition, we facilitated a conversation around themes and future possibilities. Plus, we chatted about the potential for ‘It’s A Mad World’ conversations to be taken up by other young people in Satellite Foundation and beyond. We are so excited to see where and how this important project and body of work will move to next. Watch this space!

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