Self-Care Alphabet

This Self-Care Alphabet is a downloadable resource to print out and stick up – a good reminder of taking time out to care for yourself!

The holiday season can be a time of great excitement, enjoyment and …exhaustion! Sometimes we can end up feeling overwhelmed and running on ‘empty’. If you’re celebrating Christmas these holidays, make sure to take time to look after yourself and do simple things to take care of YOU. 

The wonderfully creative people in our recent Satellite Connect Youth program created this amazing “Self-Care Alphabet” poster. And what better time to share it. 

With 26 ideas to inspire your own well-being, you’ll be able to foster a sense of calm half-way into the New Year!

TOP TIP: Download the Self-Care Alphabet from Satellite Foundation here. Print it out and stick it up somewhere to remind you each and every day how special you are!

“When someone we love is struggling with their mental health, it’s easy to focus all our care, compassion and kindness on them. But it gets tough to pour from an empty cup. Remember, you are worthy of thoughtful, gentle, loving kindness. The kind that you so generously give to friends and loved ones. How can you be kind to yourself? Schedule in time to do something you love: a good night’s sleep, your favourite meal, a walk in nature, a mindful moment with your pet.”

Addy Dunkley-Smith, Satellite Foundation Youth Advocate

For more ideas on self-care visit Emerging Minds and check out their self-care plan resource.