Brad McEwan on Authentic Convos Podcast

What’s the single most powerful act that we can do to improve someone’s well-being? Get the answer by watching Satellite Foundation ambassador and former sports journalist Brad McEwan in discussion with Joel Kleber on Authentic Convos Podcast.

Here, Brad discusses his personal story of family trauma and mental illness and the impact that this has had on his life. He explains how talking about his story helps to create a connection to others who may have had similar experiences.

Joel and Brad also discuss treating the family as a whole, how education and conversation can help create cultural change in the mental health arena, what Brad gets up to in his free time.

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Brad is also a facilitator on our Satellite Connect program, delivering a workshop entitled ‘Connection not Perfection.’ Our next Satellite Connect program starts on 23 February. Register yourself or a young person on to the Satellite Connect program here.