The Inaugural Youth Advocate Award for Young Carers

Image with white background and sky blue shape at the top. Title: Tandem Awards, Inaugural Youth Advocate Award. Sponsored by Satellite Foundation.

The Tandem Awards are for people and services who have significantly improved the experience of family, carers and supporters of people in the mental health system in Victoria. This year, there will be a new award – the Inaugural Youth Advocate Award for young carers. Satellite is sponsoring this award, and nominations are still open! You can add your choice on the Tandem website.

Nomination criteria:

  • A young person aged 16 – 25 who identifies as having caring roles and responsibilities for a family member, friend or loved one living with mental health challenges.
  • Has demonstrated outstanding contribution and commitment to amplifying the voices of young people through their activism, advocacy, awareness raising, or membership of or participation in relevant strategic platforms;
  • Always works in the best interest of the young people they are working with and for.

Please note that anyone who has participated in a Satellite workshop will not be eligible for the Inaugural Youth Advocate Award.