Satellite Connect Youth –Register Now!

Starting mid-October, this 6-week program is an exciting opportunity for young people age 14–17 yrs living anywhere in Australia to be heard and to connect through shared experiences. Apply online and we’ll get in touch as soon as possible!

Exciting news! Satellite given the opportunity to provide increased support for children and young people.

We’re are thrilled and humbled to announce exciting new support for Satellite from the Commonwealth Department of Health. With this support, Satellite – in partnership with Emerging Minds – will be delivering an expanded range of peer programs for children and young people living in families where a parent/carer experiences mental illness. We are SO grateful. This is amazing news …

Let’s talk about Satellite Connect

This is such an exciting opportunity for young people to build confidence, professional development skills and friendships. Places are OPEN and limited so don’t hesitate to get in touch – we would love to chat!

What’s happening in our space – a glance at the year ahead!

In the ongoing uncertainty of a world adjusting to so much upheaval and change we remain energised and hopeful about what lies ahead in the Satellite space and the opportunities we can offer young people – to connect and create, with us and each other. We are super excited about launching the first of our new Satellite Connect programs at …

Lessons From A Long Distance Carer

Lessons from a Long Distance Carer   –  words and wisdoms by Lotti O’Dea Everyone is facing new challenges with Covid-19. Whether it’s finding a new job, being in constant close quarters with loved ones, or devising creative new ways to use up that panic-bought penne pasta. But Covid-19 has made my life easier in one very unexpected way — as …