The StigmaBeat panel event was a huge success

As part of the line-up for Melbourne Design Week, our event took place last Thursday, 30 May, in the stunning Today’s venue!

Despite the stormy weather, the StigmaBeat panel event was a major success, with almost all the tickets sold out and a large turnout of attendees.

The event kicked off around 6:30 pm with networking and catering, where our guests made themselves comfortable and got to know other members of the mental health community. It was great to see such a friendly group making connections, talking, and sharing together.

Leanne, our Project Officer, kicked off the night with presentations from the young panelists: Keisha from batyr, Salih from YLab, Harley from Latrobe Youth Space, and our Satellite ambassador and moderator, Elfy Scott.

The event continued with an introduction to the StigmaBeat project, showcasing three films co-created by young people from Gippsland, Monash University (Monash Rural Health), and Satellite Foundation.

Next, we learned about the development of the StigmaBeat co-creation process, followed by a Q&A session with our young panelists.

An Evening of Brave Conversations and Insightful Answers

The evening provided space for brave conversations and offered very insightful answers.

Here is a quote from our young panelist, Salih:

“Go and meet the young people and understand really where those pressure points are and really figure it out. Working in collaboration, I think, really breaks down a lot more than maybe imagining straight away.”

The function finished with a Q&A session with the audience.

It was a day full of rich discussions about mental health, co-creation design, and how to be more inclusive when gathering input from young people in the mental health space. Some team members also attended the event, including our CEO, Rose Cuff.

Finally, the event concluded with a short activity where participants wrote down their ideas for a stigma-free space.

We couldn’t be more grateful, and we want to thank everyone involved in this process.

Here are some photos from the day of the event.

An image of StigmaBeat panel
On the left: Leanne, Satellite Project Officer. From left to right: Harley from La Trobe Youth Space, Satellite ambassador and moderator Elfy Scott, Salih from YLab, and Keisha from batyr.
An image of Keisha, young panelist from Batyr.
Young Panelist, Keisha from batyr.
An image of Leanne, presenting the co-creation process of StigmaBeat
Leanne’s project officer presenting the co-creation process.
An image of the audience looking the StigmaBeat short film.
The StigmaBeat short films
An image of Salih
Salih, a young panelist representing YLab.
An image of Rose Cuff and audience
Our CEO, Rose Cuff in the audience.
An image of Elfy Scott
Elfy Scott, moderating the young panel.
An image of Leanne and Elfy Scott.
Leanne, Satellite’s Project Officer and Elfy Scott,Satellite ambassador and moderator.
An image of Harley, young panelist from La Trobe Youth Space.
Harley from La Trobe Youth Space.
An image of the activity made at the end of the event.
Activity where participants wrote down their ideas for a stigma-free space
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