Music, Art and Songwriting Workshop

Music, Art and Songwriting Workshop is a three-day program for young people aged 11-14yrs (approx). Facilitated by professional musicians/artists, peer facilitators and Satellite staff, the Music, Art and Songwriting Workshop offers a playful music and art experience that allows participants to explore collaboration while reinforcing connection. Activities include song-writing, music composition and visual arts activities that employ diverse materials, references and technology. The workshop concludes in a final sharing of songs, art and music created by all participants for family and friends.

Our workshops aim to:

  • provides supported opportunities for collaboration where young people can access group activities in a fun, creative and safe space.
  • offers young people the chance to learn how to use music and art to express themselves.
  • provides opportunities for open dialogue, allowing young people to connect with, and to explore, their personal and shared experiences.