Photography Workshops

‘Do you see what I see?’ Photography Workshops are short, structured one one or two day programs for young people 10-16yrs (approx).  Workshop participants are provided the tools (cameras and iPads) to explore a range of different photographic styles and techniques. Through scavenger hunts, portraiture, polaroids and collage activities, participants explore their surroundings and have discussions about the impact and power of visual communication, while discovering how photography makes them feel and how they can use our images to share stories.  Participants are then invited to learn and play with editing tools. All workshops end with a mini-exhibition where participants take home their favourite framed artwork.

Our workshops aim to:

  • offer young people a chance to use creative practice to explore how they see the world.
  • provide opportunities for young people with shared experiences to connect with one another.
  • develop inclusive communication opportunities where visual language is as important as the spoken word.
  • provide a transportable and accessible program that can be delivered throughout diverse communities.
  • give young people the opportunity to develop confidence in using technology to tell stories, create art and share their stories.
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