Our VisionWe help build futures of hope and possibility.

Satellite Foundation seeks to contribute to futures of hope and possibility for children and young people where a parent has a mental illness or mental health challenge.

We believe young people are the change-makers of the future and have enormous potential to positively influence and shape the way our society functions. Our programs foster creativity, hope and connections for children, young people and their families and aim to offer opportunities for growth and transformation with the dream that the cycle of mental illness is discontinued.

Our MissionSupport, Hope and Social Connections

Established in 2009 in Melbourne, Satellite is a not-for-profit organisation that has evolved from over 25 years of work by many who have recognised the challenges facing families where a parent or primary caregiver has a mental illness.

In recent years services for adults with mental illness have become more available, yet there is no ready support for the children in these families who are often overlooked.

Satellite is dedicated to changing that narrative and aims to contribute to the work of many other organisations that strive to yield more positive outcomes for these children and young people.

Our programs, activities, and messaging provide important opportunities for peer support, connections and strengthening skills in overcoming challenges, while offering information to young people and families to help them make sense of what is happening.


How We Work

  • Connect

    We recognise the importance of belonging. We foster a sense of community. We nurture friendships, communication and connections. We believe that we are all in this together.

  • Support

    We encourage young people to find the support that’s right for them. We provide spaces to safely share lived experiences in a supported environment. We let them know they are not alone in their experiences.

  • Empower

    We put young people are at the centre of all of our programs, from development to implementation and beyond. We aim to increase self-esteem, build confidence, promote good coping strategies, and provide skills to use in all areas of life. We provide them with opportunities to harness their potential.

We are committed to

Children & Young People

  • Connecting with children and young people as a part of their broader family and community
  • Recognising that young people can have significant caring roles and may identify as a young carer
  • Celebrating everyone's achievements
  • Embracing peer support to assist young people and their families


  • Working in partnership with families, children, young people, services and the community
  • Recognising that every family is unique and different
  • Helping families and individuals reach their own solutions to challenges in the right environment


  • Building awareness and shaping conversations
  • Taking an inclusive and non-blaming approach to mental illness
  • Respecting cultural, spiritual and individual difference

PeopleMeet Our Amazing Team

Satellite Squad

The peer understanding and lived experience to guide our programs and the help to bring them to life. Learn more about our squad.

Satellite Ambassadors

The community, networks and passion to connect people and our work to other great organisations. Get to know our ambassadors.

Our Staff

The knowledge, skill and determination to help create work that builds hope and changes lives. Get in touch with our staff.

Our Board

The vision and the support to ensure we will continue to build futures of both hope and possibility. Find out more about our board.

Connecting people and organisations for growth and wellbeing

Connect with Organisations

Satellite works to pair people with organisations that can help while firmly believing that we can all do more together.

Connect with People

Bringing people together for work and healing is an integral responsibility that we passionately pursue in all of our endeavours.