Junkyard Jungle in Bairnsdale!


Have you ever wondered what animal you would be if you could choose? Does the gentleness of a possum or the fierceness of a lion speak to you?

When we take the time to pause and look within at our animal side, we can be reminded of the strengths we already have. Talk, imagine and build while sharing the things that make us brave, afraid and wild. This fun, creative workshop uses recycled materials, collage and sculptures to help bring those stories to life!

Participants will explore individual strengths and have an opportunity to connect and learn from their shared experiences. They’ll also be invited to a Create and Re-Connect Zoom a month after their workshop. This will be a way to reconnect and strengthen relationships in the group.
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Date: 16 April 2023
Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm
Duration: 6 Hours
Price: FREE
Location: The Hub, Bairnsdale, Gippsland


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