Call for entries! “All The Coloured Glasses” Zine!


Enter your creative work to be featured in our Zine, “All the Coloured Glasses”

We are looking for writing, poetry, drawing, photography, visual and multimedia responses that explore stories of the funny and the sad, the happy and the mad, when navigating the complex world of mental health.

You can be part of this project by submitting your own entry to be included in future anthologies. Your work will be included in a zine and placed for public sharing in our special Zine Vending Machine. Artwork will be made into small and tiny zines, badges, and compilations of the art will become part of our ongoing anthologies.

Satellite Foundation uses creativity to build community and connection and share stories. We know mental health is complex and there’s no wrong way to share these journeys.

By engaging with young people’s experiences, we challenge stigma, foster empathy, and contribute to changing awareness and advocacy.

Traditionally serving as a platform for advocacy, zines are now designed to reach far and wide. As part of a significant anthology, our mini zines will reside in our very own Satellite Zine Machine and contribute to an interactive artwork.

Contact if you want to make a submission or have any questions.

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