Holding Up – a community project


‘Holding Up’ is a Satellite initiative and community project to promote strength and connection during this shaky time. It is the sharing of real-life tools that acknowledge a collective experience around getting through this as it happens – together.

We are asking people, young and old, to write what they are doing for self-care during Covid on a piece of paper and take a photograph of your hand holding it. We will continue to share these – to celebrate hope, creativity and the amazing human spirit.

There are no rules for what makes each of us feel calmer, safer, stronger, no right or wrong, too short or long. This crisis will change a lot of things, but it will also put the beauty of human resilience, compassion and bravery on display and when this is over, and it will be over someday, we hope this can be a platform where we can remember that this is who we are.

If you are keen to contribute don’t hesitate to write your reflections down, get creative with your backgrounds and email them through to sylvie@satellitefoundation.org.au. Or feel free to post your own and tag us on Facebook or Instagram so that we share it for everyone!

Let’s hold each other up!

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