National Volunteer Week: Volunteer spotlight!


It’s National Volunteer Week from 16 – 22 May 2022 and we are shining the volunteer spotlight on Ned Ryan, one of Satellite’s amazing young volunteers. Ned has been volunteering with Satellite for just over a year and is currently studying youth work at Australian Catholic University. Ned is passionate about the physical and mental health of both himself and of young people.

Why do you volunteer?

Volunteering started as a way of testing out if youth work was the career path for me, but very quickly turned into a passion of mine. I volunteer because I get to spend time with amazing young people doing things that I enjoy. Volunteering also gives me the opportunity to constantly improve my youth work skills which will forever benefit me and the people I work with.

What is it about Satellite Foundation’s purpose that appeals to you personally?

Satellite’s demographic is one that I hadn’t thought about much prior to joining Satellite, but since volunteering and learning more about Satellite’s purpose the need for the organisation makes me want to be involved even more. Joining Satellite at a time when it is beginning to expand and grow into a more well-known influential organisation is also a significant reason why I want to be involved.

What have you/do you enjoy most about volunteering at Satellite?

There are many things I enjoy about volunteering with Satellite. Number one is all the young people we work with, every one of them is unique which makes volunteering new, fun, and engaging each time. The team at Satellite is also so welcoming and amazing to work with making my experience here always enjoyable, and lastly, the diverse range of programs and activities that we offer makes volunteering unlike any other organisation.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I haven’t really thought of where I am going to be in five years, thinking about myself as a 31-year-old sounds quite weird. However, I know I will still be doing, and very much enjoying, working with young people with the possibility of having a master’s degree either finished or being undertaken.

How has volunteer work had an impact on your life?

Volunteering has had a huge impact on my life, it is something I look forward to every week and has helped me develop skills that will be valuable for the rest of my life. Each day of volunteering gives me new experiences and endless laughs.

What would you say to something else thinking about volunteering?

Volunteering is something that you will never regret, it costs nothing, and you will gain so much more than you think you will from being a volunteer.

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