Our Team

Satellite is passionate about giving children and young people a leading voice within the organisation; they are the change makers of the future! Young people who have completed a Satellite program are invited to join the Satellite Squad, a youth group that gives young people aged 14 and above a voice in Satellite and beyond. Our Youth Advisory Council is a 15-member strong group that helps guide the future of Satellite.

Youth Advisory Council

Satellite’s Youth Advisory Council (YAC) is made up of 15 young people aged 18 – 25 who have a lived and living experience of mental health challenges in a family member. They are all graduates of a Satellite program. This motivates and empowers them to advocate for and connect with young people: those in our communities and beyond.

Our current YAC is made up of Afraa (she/her), Aishah (she/her), Ali (she/her), Ash (she/her), Caleb (he/him/they/them), Chloe (she/her), Connie (she /her), Jasmine (she/her), Lily (they/them ), Nyajima (she/her), Rachel (she/her), Ren (she/her/they/them), Ritik (he/they), Zac (he /him).

Working group Convenors:

Dan (he/him)-Advocate working group.
Denna (she/they) – Amplify working group.
Laura (she /her) – Reflect working group.

Co-Founder and CEO

Rose Cuff is an occupational therapist who has worked in child, adolescent, and adult mental health services since 1987. Since 1995 she has focussed entirely on harnessing the full potential of children, young people, and families where a family member is living with mental health challenges. Rose has achieved this through direct clinical practice, developing and implementing peer support programs, co-producing a wide range of resources, publishing widely, and conducting training and research. As co-founder of Satellite Foundation, Rose’s passion for this work is undiminished. She has three amazing adult children, three adored grandchildren and still dreams of walking the mountains of Ethiopia.

1 in 5 young people live in families with mental health challenges in Australia.

Join Satellite as we strive to change the conversation about mental health. We love to talk to potential participants, volunteers, or partners. Reach out today!


Our Staff

Amanda McKay - Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Amanda McKay (She/her) joined the Satellite team in late 2023. She has worked in the mental health and disability sector for over 25 years. With a background in clinical private practice as an art therapist and psychotherapist, whilst also working in community centres and organisations event managing large scale art exhibitions, community festivals and facilitating workshops. Amanda believes art allows us to connect to our emotions, release built up feelings and find new perspectives; that creative expression offers a pathway for personal growth, resilience, and healing. Amanda is excited to join the Satellite in this amazing period of growth, to assist the team to connect and support even more children and families now and into the future. In her spare time Amanda loves painting, mosaics, yoga, choir and enjoys the Melbourne live music scene.

Anna Mallyon - Evaluation and Impact Lead

Anna Mallyon (she/her) is a ceramicist and social researcher/evaluator/data nerd with a long background in the social sciences, and post graduate studies in ceramic research (ANU) and visual art (VCA). She is equally as passionate about meaningful, rigorous research and evaluation as she is about the importance of creativity and making for a fulfilling life. She feels incredibly fortunate to have found an organisation keen to make use of her research & evaluation skills, that’s also keen to explore creative, innovative ways of understanding their role in the lives of people who use their programs. She’s looking forward to helping the Satellite team set up and embed evaluation and data practices that are meaningful for them and the young people and families they support, ready for the organisation to grow and develop over the coming years. Originally an Adelaidean, Anna lives in Melbourne’s northern suburbs with her partner and a demanding black cat.

Ben Teng - Director, Operations

Ben Teng (he/him) joins Satellite Foundation with a wealth of knowledge and experience - both locally and internationally - in working with families and children that are facing challenges. He has helped organisations to develop and grow and is excited to be a part of Satellite’s work and to help Satellite make an even bigger impact in the community. Ben loves spending time with his family and trying to keep up with his three children as they learn, play, and grow.

Cathy Carnovale - Engagement and Consultation Manager

Cathy Carnovale (she/her) has worked with children, youth and families for over 25 years, predominately in the out of home care space. Cathy is an experienced advocate and a leader in championing the voice of lived experience in systemic advocacy. Cathy is excited to be working in an organisation that genuinely values lived experience and whose values resonate with her own. When Cathy is not working, she loves being outdoors, trying to DIY and hanging out with her pooch Willow.

Clare MacDonald - Program & Administration Support

Clare MacDonald (she/her) is a vintage import from the UK. She brings varied admin experience from working at the BBC and as an admin at a SCUBA dive tour operator. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector since 2018. Working as the first point of contact is a wonderful opportunity to utilise her lived experience and support people by directing them to the best person to chat with about joining a program at Satellite. Clare aims to learn something new every day and volunteers monthly as a walking group leader for women and non-binary people of all sizes on beginner-friendly outdoorsy adventures in Melbourne’s inner west.

Gill Greenstein - Accounts & Finance

Gill Greenstein (she/her) has a background in working with small and medium size businesses in the public and private sectors, designing and administering financial solutions. Gill is passionate about supporting the development of a sustainable organisation that is pivotal in empowering young people to transform their lives. In her spare time, Gill volunteers as a cook at the Darebin Community Kitchen.

Gum Mamur - Community Engagement Liaison

Gum Mamur (he/him) is a passionate youth worker advocating for young people with over a decade of experience committed to empowering young individuals, families, and communities. He has a genuine passion and commitment to nurturing engagement and community development within people.
Drawing from a diverse range of experiences, Gum has refined a unique ability to create inclusive environments where everyone feels listened to, valued, and supported. His approach is typified by understanding and empathy, addressing the complex challenges faced by young people and families with sympathetic care.
Gum finds pleasure in sports, culinary adventures, exploring the great outdoors, and visiting new destinations. Whether shooting hoops, spending quality time with loved ones, crafting culinary delights, or capturing the beauty of nature through photography, he is always up for an adventure, spreading positivity wherever he goes.

Hannah Zinnack - Lead Facilitator

Hannah Zinnack (she/her) first joined the Satellite space as a participant of the first Satellite Connect program in 2020, then went on to join the peer leader space, supporting Satellite spaces with her lived experience of being a young carer for her mum. Hannah has been facilitating youth programs for three years. She has a love for photography and a mixture of creative mediums, anything that involves expressing self through art! As a young person, she wants hers and other young peoples’ voices to be respected. Outside of work, Hannah is an avid bird watcher, and enjoys learning about new birds!

Kelly Lai - Director - Creativity, Development and Growth

Kelly (she/her) is a creative, yet strategic thinker, and brings experience from the worlds of management consulting, branding, and start-ups. She has worked globally, from North America to the Asia-Pacific, providing advisory services to industry-leading organisations.
Her expertise is in problem-solving, co-creating innovative and impactful outcomes with impacted communities, and cultivating quality relationships with those around her.
Kelly is a strong believer that art plays an important role in our society - telling our stories, broadening our minds, and, ultimately, helping create new connections with one another and ourselves.

Kelly Way - Director, Programs & Engagement

Kelly Way (she/her) joined the Satellite Foundation team in 2020, excited by the possibilities! With over 15 years’ experience working across both corporate and non-profit sectors, Kelly is an effective manager who can be relied upon as a business support person, particularly during periods of growth and change. Kelly transitioned into the mental health space following postgraduate counselling studies and is passionate about maintaining empathic connections with young people experiencing hardship, loss and mental health challenges within their families. Kelly also loves dance and improvisation, exploring all that creative movement practices have to offer.

Kim Seeliger - Communications and Marketing Manager

Kim Seeliger (she/her) is a communications professional with 15 years’ experience. She has worked in a diverse range of creative industries in South Africa, England, and now Australia including arts and culture, fashion, design, and circus arts. In a previous life she was a dancer and choreographer and is passionate about the transformative nature of the arts. Kim is very grateful to surrounded by the wonderfully creative team at Satellite. When not at work, she spends her time adventuring with her two rambunctious kids and is always on the hunt for new places to explore.

Leanne Vuong – Projects Officer

Leanne (she/her) believes everyone has the right to live fully by experiencing the best health and wellbeing possible, and this has shaped a career focused on health promotion, training and education. She has honed these skills across services including youth health, gambling help, suicide prevention, chronic conditions, and alcohol and other drugs. Joining the team in 2023, Leanne hopes to align her experiences of familial mental health challenges with Satellite’s vision and purpose. Outside of work she enjoys hitting nature trails on two wheels or two feet, finding cheap and cheerful eateries, and harvesting what survives from the fruit and veggie boxes.

Louise Malcolm - Programs Delivery Manager

Louise Malcolm (she/her/they/them) was thrilled to join the Satellite team in late 2021. They are excited to bring their more than 15 years of administration experience across tertiary, arts, and disability organisations to the lovely place that is Satellite. With extensive experience in events and creative workshops Louise has a strong belief in the power of the arts and creativity to foster connection and have positive impacts on young people’s lives. Outside of work, Louise is enjoying studying furniture making. They also enjoy moving their body in fun ways at retro aerobics classes.

Madeleine Griffith - Co-Creative Director and Facilitation

Madeleine Griffith (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary artist and teacher with a background in sculpture, animation, miniature making and illustration. She is passionate about applying creative approaches to build connections and space for people to explore their creativity. She is thrilled to join the Satellite team and be a part of such a wonderful and compassionate organisation. She is grateful for the opportunity to learn from and support children and young people through creativity. Madeleine has three delightful children, two chickens and a budgie, all of which bring her much happiness.

Melanie Renwick - Family Liaison

Melanie Renwick (she/her/they/them) came to Satellite in 2021 as a volunteer and then moved into a Youth Worker role for our camps programs in 2022. Her background is in supporting young mothers and families facing mental health challenges, re-engaging with communities, and in education. She has always dreamed of working for an organisation that truly celebrates Lived Experience and hopes to empower and advocate for families so that they can make informed choices over their own lives. When they are not working, Melanie loves to enjoy time in the country, bushwalking, and sharing new experiences with her four children.

Ned Ryan - Youth Liaison

Ned Ryan (he/him) joined Satellite in 2021 as a volunteer and has since transitioned to placement student, peer facilitator and finally our Youth Liaison. Ned has completed a Bachelor of Youth Work but his passion for the youth sector was sparked by attending, and then volunteering on, a youth camp program himself. It was at these camps where he was able to see the powerful impact organisations like Satellite have on young people. Ned brings fun, health and creativity to his youth work practice through incorporating his passions of sport, photography and engaging with people to everything he does.

Pamela Mardones - Marketing and Communications Officer

Pamela Mardones (she/her) is a Chilean who one day decided she wanted to move overseas to expand her horizons. She is passionate about learning new things, although her major passion is marketing. Throughout her life, she has studied piano, photography, and now she is studying coding. She believes that her experience, combined with her positive attitude, can bring all the necessary ingredients to create a positive impact at Satellite Foundation. Outside of work, she enjoys running and spending time with her doggy and partner, discovering new places in Victoria.

Rachel Lee - Designer

Rachel (she/her) has worked primarily in the community mental health sector in various service delivery roles including psychosocial group facilitation, outreach and YRR in-reach.
After a career and educational pivot, Rachel went on to study graphic design, having always wanted to pursue the career as a child. Over the years she has gained a wealth of experience from her time as a freelancer and within agency settings. She has worked collaboratively with both local and global brands, showcasing her creative versatility and can-do attitude.
Outside of work, Rachel enjoys swimming, playing the guitar, crafting and is currently learning to play the drums. She has two spirited children and a large Groodle.

Sarah Smith - School Liaison Officer

Sarah (she/her) joined Satellite in 2023 after gaining six years of experience in mental health and wellbeing, education and gender. As an emerging social worker, Sarah is passionate about connecting with young people and families to help create their own sense of belonging and community. Sarah moved to Melbourne from the Sunshine State to chase the ever-changing food scene and to embrace all four seasons. After growing up surrounded by mental health challenges in her family network and her own she has embraced these life experiences to connect with others and holds a great interest in raising awareness of lived experience in all aspects of life. In her free time Sarah loves to be connected to nature, surrounded by water, going to see live music and spending time with her fur baby Kuma.

Sylvie Meltzer - Co-Creative Director and Facilitation

Sylvie Meltzer (she/her) has been part of the Satellite team since early 2019. Her background is mostly as a teaching artist in education and community work in Melbourne, India and China. Sylvie feels strongly about creating dialogues and connections in collaborative, creative and supportive ways. Sylvie is honoured to be part of this community of people who are dedicated to and passionate about changing the outcomes for young people. Every day she is learning and is grateful for the opportunity to do so. Sylvie's other passions are hanging out with her larger-than-life-five-year-old, planning adventures, and anything that is hot pink.

Tanya Thorpe - People & Culture Business Partner

Tanya Thorpe (she/her) grew up in London and came to Australia many moons ago on a temporary working visa. She loved Melbourne and was lucky enough to get a sponsor and Melbourne has been her home ever since. Tanya worked for several years in the international development sector, supporting staff and volunteers as they prepared to live and work in communities worldwide. She recently has worked with vulnerable people who have experience seeking asylum, mental ill health and homelessness. Outside work, Tanya enjoys baking, sewing and growing and loves learning new creative techniques. She lives with her partner, dog and cat in Fitzroy.

Our Ambassadors

At Satellite, we’re proud to have Ambassadors who are not only talented creatives but also passionate advocates in the mental health space in Australia.

Justin Heazlewood

Justin Heazlewood puts the ability in vulnerability. He’s from Burnie in North-West Tasmania, wherever that is. He spent most of his twenties in Melbourne, performing as The Bedroom Philosopher. He wrote punky folk songs that happened to be funny. (He was also a columnist for Frankie.) In his thirties he focussed more on his writing (which is what he went to University of Canberra to study).

He published two books including a childhood memoir called Get Up Mum in 2018. This is how he met Rose from Satellite! What a truly great day. (June 1 to be exact.) Justin grew up as an only child with a Mum with schizophrenia. She was lovely, but things were intense! It made him into the person he is today (anxious and cranky…) who most people seem to think is a thoughtful, unique artist and champion of mental illness.

He is chuffed to be involved with Satellite Foundation. In 2020 he gave a witness statement to the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System. He shares a lot. Feel free to drop him a line via www.justinheazlewood.com (Or look up videos of sloth’s swimming - you do you.)

Elfy Scott

Elfy is an award-winning journalist, presenter, and author of 'The One Thing We've Never Spoken About', which focuses on the experiences of people living with complex mental health conditions in Australia.

Her greatest passions include speaking about climate change, explaining complex topics simply, and napping.

"I'm so excited to be working with Satellite, an organisation that offers such brilliant opportunities to young people. As a person who grew up with a parent with a complex mental health condition, I'm proud to be helping in whatever way I can to reach young people and encourage them to access this support."

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