At Home with Satellite

‘At Home with Satellite’ is a fun, online creative program for children across ages 8 – 14 that offers opportunities for sharing stories, creative expression and of course, making connections with new friends!

Using Zoom and in a home environment, the ‘At Home with Satellite’ workshops for children across ages 8 – 14 years are run during school holidays and combine a curated selection of activity-based self-care packs and facilitated conversations to offer:

  • artistic expression, imaginative play, and creative adventures
  • an opportunity to make new friends
  • a chance to share experiences within a facilitated setting
  • to connect with peers who are having similar experiences

“To talk about that stuff with someone who understands, puts you at ease knowing that they understand how you feel. It’s nice being part of Satellite and I thank you for just being really great people.”

How it works

Participants are sent all the creative items they need for the workshop in the post. Then it’s as simple as going online (via Zoom) and joining in the fun.

These are facilitated workshops that use age-appropriate language, and a light approach that meets children at their current level of understanding about mental health and wellbeing.

Parents, carers, or siblings can watch on and use the workshop themes to keep the conversation going and explore them further.

Workshops topics

‘At Home with Satellite’ workshop topics change regularly. They are co-created with young people and are based on their current interests, suggestions, and circumstances.

They are suitable for two different ages groups- ages 8-11 years and ages 12-14 years and are accessible for all learning abilities.

Examples of past workshops:

Creature Comforts

Use your imagination to design wild creations together, share stories about your life and the adventures you’d like to go on (ages 8-11 years).

All Superheroes Wear Masks

Create your own superheroes with superpowers and dive into your own identity, who you are as an individual and in relation to your family (ages 8-11 years).

Dream Boards

Create a collage of images, words and creative doodles that inspire and remind you about the importance of self-care (ages 12-14 years).

Do You See What I See

Have fun exploring how to use digital photography to capture the world, people, places, and interesting things around you (ages 12-14 years).

Music and Me

Create your own musical instruments and use music, songs, and lyrics to connect with others.

Join us

Take a look at our What’s On section to see when the next ‘At Home with Satellite’ workshop will be happening!

If you are new to Satellite, head on over to our Expression of Interest form to get started.


Upcoming programs, workshops & activities

Satellite Connect In-Person Program

Make new friends, share new experiences and create lasting connections with other young people who have a family member with a mental health challenge.

This 4-week in-person program kicks off on Thursday 1 August until Thursday 22 August from 6:00 - 9:00pm AEST, at our premises. Dinner included.

  • Date:
  • 1 Aug 2024 - 22 Aug 2024
  • Time:
  • 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  • Location:
  • Satellite Office - 22 Easey st, Collingwood, Naarm(Melbourne).
  • Price:
  • FREE
Satellite Connect Online Program

Satellite Connect is a safe space for young people 18-25 to share their stories in a supportive and positive environment.

Satellite Connect Online is a 6-week program running from Monday 9 September to Monday, 21 October, 2024. There's also an introductory session happening on Monday, 2 September.

  • Date:
  • 9 Sep 2024 - 21 Oct 2024
  • Time:
  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Duration:
  • 2 Hours
  • Location:
  • Via Zoom
  • Price:
  • FREE
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