At Home with Satellite is a fun, creative program that offers connecting activities for children and young people aged 8-14 years old (approx.) that runs during the school holidays.

Our 'At Home' program provides a curated selection of activity-based self-care packs and online workshops. These fun activities are facilitated as a two-part workshop series. They have included:

  • Songwriting workshops where participants explore the songwriting process including writing lyrics and composition.
  • Digital photography workshops include photography challenges and scavenger hunts and explore how photography can be a cool platform for expression and sharing stories.
  • A 'Creature Comforts' workshop where participants use the materials posted to them in a craft box to design and make wild creations!
  • A Dreamboards workshop where participants create a collection of images, words, and doodles for inspiration.

New in June 2021 is our 'All Superheroes Wear Masks' workshop, where participants receive all the materials needed via post to bring their masked-adventures to life.

At Home with Satellite provides an opportunity for artistic expression, story-telling and peer connection within a facilitated group program.

Our Next Program

Our next "At Home" workshop is a two-part series called All Superheroes Wear Masks. The first workshop will take place on Monday 28 June and the second workshop on Monday 5 July.

Monday 28 June and Monday 5 July: 

10 - 11am
(for ages 8 - 11 years approx.)
*Workshop Full

1 - 2pm
(for ages 12 - 14 years approx.)

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All Superheroes Wear Masks: A crafty adventure with masks and storytelling
At Home With Satellite - All Superheroes Wear Masks

  • Receive a box full of fantastic craft materials (in the mailbox!)
  • Let your imagination run wild and transform yourself by creating a mask out of tonnes of different materials
  • Meet new friends on Zoom and connect over imagined, real-life superpowers and adventures
  • Tell a story that really brings your mask to life. We will turn them into world-changing adventures for you to remember forever! 

Monday 28 June and Monday 5 July: 

10 - 11am (8 - 11 years approx.) *Workshop full

1 - 2pm (12 - 14 years approx.)

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Living Through Lockdown: Our response to Covid-19

Click here to see some of the beautiful insights and creative outputs made by the 'At Home' participants during lockdown 2020.  Their perspective on this challenging time reveals how conversations, collaboration and creativity can foster positive mental health and wellbeing and connection with others, even from afar.

This includes downloadable resources to try yourself!


How to join our programs


Choose a program that interests you (or a young person you know). Fill an expression of interest form here.


Our team will call you to chat about the program, confirm a place and answer any questions. 


After a place is confirmed, you'll receive an e-mail to register more information about yourself. 


You are now ready to join us and connect and share your stories with new friends who 'get it'!