At Home with Satellite provides a curated selection of activity-based self-care packs and online workshops for children and young people aged 8-16 years old (approx.) during these September School Holidays. Our At Home program creates more opportunities for artistic expression, story-telling and peer connection to keep well during this incredibly challenging time. 

Our programs aim to:

  • combat isolation through creative expression and peer connection 
  • increase access to facilitated group activities and fun learning opportunities whilst at home 
  • offer inclusive experiences that contribute towards building skills and confidence 
  • provide opportunities for respite for children and young people 
  • promote healthy coping strategies that expand into resources for children and young people 
  • encourage open dialogue and visual language to support young people to connect with, and to explore, their personal and shared experiences. 
  • encourage longer term interactions between participants through future workshops and connecting activities. 

Registrations Currently Closed

Registration for our current program is closed. Get in touch for more information and to find out more about our future At Home with Satellite programs.

Contact Us

How to join


Choose a program you, or a young person you think might be interested and register here


Our Satellite team will get in touch to confirm a place, chat about the program and answer any questions 


After a place is confirmed, you'll receive a DIY pack in the mail with everything you need to participate, some fun resources and instructions about how to join us on Zoom to ‘make and share’ together


We believe in the power of the shared experience. Come and meet people who ‘get it’. Make new friends and stay connected with the Satellite community now and into the future by having fun online/via phone, social media, and face-to-face as soon as we can!  


Voice Lab

for young people 8-14yrs (approx.)

  • Polyglot Theatre's Voice Lab is curious and pays close attention to what young people think, feel and say.
  • Participants use a phone, tablet or computer to Zoom into a conversation where Voice Lab asks questions, offering a safe and responsive space for young people to articulate their thoughts and opinions about the world they live in.
Zoom date:

Wednesday September 23rd

Song Writing Workshops 

for young people 10-16yrs (approx.)

  • Zoom with the Satellite team and singer and songwriter Clare Younis to explore the song-writing process including writing lyrics and composition.
  • Learn to grow a seed of a musical idea into your own thriving, flowering song!
  • Professionally record your song to sing along to and share loudly and proudly!
Zoom dates:

Wednesdays September 23rd & 30th 10am & 1pm


Do You See What I See

for young people 10-14yrs (approx.)

  • Get sent a disposable camera or use a device of your for digital adventures along with scavenger hunts and photography challenges to explore your world
  • Meet us on Zoom to connect over how photography can be a cool platform to express ourselves and share stories
  • We print everyone's photos and send them back
  • Help us make an online gallery and have an exhibition!
Zoom dates:

Monday September 21st & 28th 1pm & 3pm

Creature Comforts

for young people 8-12yrs (approx.)

  • Receive a box full of fantastic craft materials
  • Design and make wild creations
  • Meet us on Zoom and connect over imagined and real-life superpowers!
  • We collect pictures of everyone's creatures and turn them into a storybook to be shared with the world!
Zoom dates:

Monday September 21st & 28th 10am