Satellite Founati

Satellite Camps are three-day, overnight programs for young people aged 9 - 12 and 12 - 15 years old (approx.)

Satellite Camps are extremely popular and a highlight on the annual calendar. They cater for young people with family members who experience mental health challenges, giving them the opportunity for respite from their caring role and the chance to make lasting memories and friendships.

We use a range of diverse indoor and outdoor activities to engage participants and to have fun! Team-building and adventure activities provide opportunities to work together, build camaraderie and create lasting memories. Quiet activities like arts and crafts and tie-dye allow for down time, friendship-building and promote discussions about personal experiences and self-care. 

Given the diversity of young people and the challenges they may be living with, our camps adopt a high leader-participant ratio to enable strong connection and safety.

Our camps offer a positive experience in a fun safe environment that contributes towards building skills and confidence. They also provide opportunities for positive role modelling through the adult and peer leaders and promote healthy coping strategies for children and young people.

    Camp Dates 2023

    April 2023

    Kids Camp 
    Mon 17 - Wed 19 April 
    Urban Camp, Parkville
    VIC, 3052
    *Primary school children ages 9 - 12 approx.

    July 2023

    Young Leaders Camp
    Tue 4 - Thurs 6 July 
    Urban Camp, Parkville
    VIC, 3052
    *High school pupils ages 12 - 15 approx.

    September 2023

    Kids Camp
    Mon 18 - Wed 30 September
    Camp Coolamatong, Gippsland
    Vic, 3875
    *Primary school children ages 9 - 12 approx.

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