Satellite ConnectHow do we begin to tell our story?

Find a place and space to be heard, to learn and to share your stories.

Satellite Connect is a primarily online, free program for young people 17—23yrs (approx.) who have a parent/carer with a mental illness.

Satellite Connect provides opportunities for young people to be heard and the power of their experiences to be shared through a supported and positive platform.

Through our 6-week program, participants will:

  • meet, interact and collaborate with others who may share similar experiences
  • learn to empower and support others to collaborate, share and connect with one another
  • explore and practice professional and personal development and leadership skills such as confidence building, public speaking, facilitation, mentoring and tools for self-care and self-compassion
  • access an extensive range of resources that support the learnings
  • discover ongoing opportunities to strengthen skills and connections

On the completion of the six-week program all participants are invited to attend a weekend retreat. Due to the current social distancing restrictions the dates of the retreat will be arranged when these restrictions are lifted.

Our Next Program

We’re excited for the upcoming Satellite YOUTH program, join today!

Program Dates

Every Wednesday from 21 October to 25 November.
21, 28
04, 11, 18, 25


4.30pm – 6.30pm

Satellite Connect Application Form

Join our next Satellite Connect program by filling out an application using our online form. We can’t wait to hear from you!


Each of our workshops are designed to bring participants together, creating a safe space to connect.

Workshop One —
The Power of the Shared Experience

An introductory workshop where participants and facilitators meet and connect. This is the beginning of our journey to understanding the impact of our shared experiences.

Workshop Two —
Ways to Check-in and Care for Yourself

This workshop gives participants an understanding of self-care and compassion while exploring practical tools to takeaway and use in the future.

Workshop Three —
The ‘Art’ of Facilitation

Explore different ways of conversing without necessarily using words and investigating how alternative communication methods have powerful ways to bring people together.

Workshop Four —
Connection not Perfection

This workshop explores how sharing stories can help illuminate, empower and connect people to one another and the broader community.