How do we  begin to tell our story?

Find a place and space to be heard, to learn and to share your stories.

Satellite Connect is a primarily online, free program for young people 17—23yrs (approx.) who have a parent/carer with a mental illness.

Satellite Connect provides opportunities for young people anywhere in Australia to be heard and the power of their experiences to be shared through a supported and positive platform.

Through this 6-week program, participants will have the opportunity to meet, interact and collaborate with others who may share similar experiences. Each week we host a workshop which covers the following themes:

Week 1: The Power of the Shared Experience
Introduction and connection with facilitators and peers.

Week 2: Ways to Check-In and Care for Yourself
An understanding of (and practical tools for) self-care and compassion.

Week 3: The 'Art' of Facilitation
Exploring alternative communication methods for connection.

Week 4: Connection not Perfection
The way in which shared stories can illuminate, connect and empower.

Week 5: Let's Talk about 'It'
Exploring experiences of mental health, mental illness, language and stigma.

Week 6: Tools for the Future
Next steps for participants to learn, grow and practise their new skills.

There is an extensive range of resources included to support these learnings. On the completion of the six-week program all participants are invited to attend a weekend retreat.

Satellite Connect Youth

Satellite Connect Youth is an adaptation of our Satellite Connect program aimed at young people between the ages of  14–17 yrs (approx.) Participants can be living anywhere in Australia and the free, 6-week program offers the opportunity to be heard and to connect through shared experiences.

Our Next Program

Our next Satellite Connect Youth program (for those aged 14 - 17 years) will start in October 2021 and run one evening/week for six weeks.

Program Dates
Every Wednesday from
13 October to 17 November.


4.30pm – 6.00pm

Total time commitment: 
9  hours

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Satellite Connect

Our next Satellite Connect program (for those aged 17 - 23 years approx.) will run again in February 2022. The Satellite Connect Retreat will be held in October 2021.

Program Dates

Satellite Connect 5 
February 2022


6:30 - 8:30pm

Total time commitment:
12 hours

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