Satellite’s six-word memoirs

Six-Word Memoirs are not a Satellite original. Rather, the Six-Word Memoirs project is a global phenomenon started in 2006 by the founder of Smith Magazine, Larry Smith.

Using just six words, people around the world have contributed to a storytelling mission to share breaking news, stories of their lives, inspirational mantras, and more. Six-Word storytelling has become a wonderful way to collectively share moments, spark conversation and debate, and inspire reflection on some of life’s big challenges.

At Satellite, the Six-Word concept forms part of a few of our spaces, in particular, Satellite Connect workshops. We use this simple idea as a wonderful way to share moments and reflections, and as a tool for self-expression and connection. While the words are super important to those who create them, they are equally as important to others with whom they resonate.

In this resource, we share 10 of our Six-Word Memoir postcards that can be downloaded and used as a reference. If using this with a class or group of young people, ask them:

“Can you tell your life story in six words?” OR “If you could share something about yourself in six words, what would it be?

Download our Six-Word Memoirs collection

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