Satellite Suggests Creature Comforts


Harness your own superpowers and create a side kick who can help and support you on your adventures together!

Take inspiration from this Satellite Suggests video and get crafty, making your very own creature with imaginative superpowers.


Satellite Suggests Creature Comforts: Here’s your step-by-step HOW TO guide

  1. Make a creature (with craft supplies you have at home)
  2. Give it superpowers
  3. Add personality
  4. Bring it to life
  5. Share it with the world! (tag us with #satellitesuggests)
  6. Made by young people in our Satellite community for young people and their families everywhere, Satellite
  7. Suggests videos offer DIY self-care ideas and activities that can be tried at home with easy-to-find materials.

Did you know? Creature Comforts is also the name of a workshop offered by Satellite in our ‘At Home with Satellite’ program. ‘At Home with Satellite’ is a fun, creative program that offers connecting activities for children and young people aged 8-16 years old (approx.) that runs during the school holidays. Participants in our popular ‘Creature Comforts’ workshop use the materials posted to them (like the ones used in this video) to design and make their very own wild creations! This program provides an opportunity for artistic expression, storytelling and peer connection within a facilitated group program. ‘At Home with Satellite’ happens each school holiday. Check out our What’s On section to see when the next workshop is taking place.

More Satellite Suggests Ideas

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Below are some of the Creatures created by the young people in our Creature Comforts Workshop as part of ‘At Home with Satellite’.

Korra the Sidekick:
Lives in a bedroom and eats rice dumplings.
Superpowers: can knock out  bad guys and freeze bad guys and trap them!



Hero name: Phantom
Superpower: a dark shadow that allows him to manifest a sentient shadow monster from his body that he can materialize and contact freely.

Eats: pom poms and tinsel
Superpowers: produces feelings of love and happiness through cuddles and purring
Catchphrase: “I’m here to care”


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