“When I was your age…” A series of lived and living experience art


At Satellite, we believe that doing something creative can help get you through both the light and dark moments of a mental health journey.

Last year, we asked our Youth Advisory Council to share something from their own experiences that could be used to raise awareness of other young people who have caring responsibilities for a family member with mental health challenges. Their answers to the statement ‘When I was your age, I wish I knew…’ are retrospective messages that may connect with young people going through similar challenges today. Together these will form a series of lived and living experience art.

Ren (Satellite Connect graduate and current YAC member) expressed their thoughts through poetry and a collage. She wants people to know that:

When writing my poem I was thinking about what 11-year-old me would’ve needed to hear. As that was the age I truly began to disconnect with myself and my childhood. However, the finished product doesn’t have a particular age range it targets, it more encapsulates the idea of missing childhood (through the images in the collage) and giving comfort for one’s inner child. I believe it could be useful and relatable for many if not all age ranges.

Check out Ren’s artwork (medium: collage) below and watch the final co-creation come together in a reel.

An image of nostalgia collage.
Collage made by Ren.

Co-created reel made by Ren & Satellite

Dee (Satellite Connect graduate, previous YAC member, and current YAC working group convener) also expressed their thoughts through poetry and provided a drawing. Dee especially wanted people to know that:

“...these resources represent how creativity and life are both so fluid, open to interpretation and ever-changing. The creation of these resources are an act of courage, of hope, of possibility… By sharing with others, connection is formed and that is where people start to feel understood, valued and seen for who they truly are. When people feel like they are isolated and no one understands them, these resources could provide a beacon of hope and perhaps even a moment where this person can connect with something other than the inner chaos of their mind. Art is grounding; these resources can act as that grounding factor for a person when life just feels confusing and lonely. For me, these resources are the way of the future for mental health and peer work – cultivating a world where connection is actively and intentionally created and shared, together.

Check out Dee’s artwork (medium: drawing) for Satellite below and watch the final co-creation come together in a reel.

An Sketch of Dee

Sketch made by Dee.


Co-created reel made by Dee & Satellite

Do you use art to ground yourself or to connect with others? How have Dee and Ren’s art made you think about hope and possibility? Get in touch with Satellite if you’re interested in adding to the ‘When I was your age…’ A series of lived and living experience art.



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“When I was your age…” A series of lived and living experience art

“When I was your age…” is a series of lived and living experience art made by young people at Satellite.

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